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HSCB Executive Council Documents

HSCB Focus Newsletters

Domestic Violence Prevention Committee

 TitleModified Date
DV Facts7/6/2016
Public Health Model6/21/2016
Survivor-Centered, Offender Focused7/21/2016
The Network for Public Health Law6/21/2016

Inter-Agency Communication Documents

 TitleModified Date
1 Minute Warning Sign12/19/2016
2018 IACWG meeting dates and rooms11/9/2017
5 minute warning sign12/19/2016
A-1 TT Evaluation Form3/29/2018
A-2 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
A-3 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
A-4 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
B-1 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
B-2 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
B-3 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
B-4 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
C-1 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
C-2 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
C-3 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
CEU Rubric Table 1A Bibliography12/20/2017
D-1 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
D-2 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
D-3 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
D-4 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
E-1 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
E-2 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
E-3 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
E-4 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
F-1 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
F-2 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
F-3 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
F-4 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
F-5 TT Evaluation Form5/15/2018
HSCB Supplies11/6/2017
IACWG descriptions2/8/2016
Info X Announcements10/3/2016
Information Exchange and Traveling Tours Procedural Manual4/5/2018
Macomb County agencies3/2/2018
Restaurant List 6/21/2016
Sign In sheet A-15/15/2018
Sign In sheet A-25/15/2018
Sign In sheet A-35/15/2018
Sign In sheet A-45/15/2018
Sign In sheet B-15/15/2018
Sign In sheet B-25/15/2018
Sign In sheet B-35/15/2018
Sign In sheet B-45/15/2018
Sign In sheet C-15/15/2018
Sign In sheet C-25/15/2018
Sign In sheet C-35/15/2018
Sign In sheet D-15/15/2018
Sign In sheet D-25/15/2018
Sign In sheet D-35/15/2018
Sign In sheet D-45/15/2018
Sign In sheet E-15/15/2018
Sign In sheet E-25/15/2018
Sign In sheet E-35/15/2018
Sign In sheet E-45/15/2018
Sign In sheet F-15/15/2018
Sign In sheet F-25/15/2018
Sign In sheet F-35/15/2018
Sign In sheet F-45/15/2018
Sign In sheet F-55/15/2018
Social Security Powerpoint11/9/2015
Traveling Tours 2018 Planning Guide5/8/2018
Using Existing Service Networks in Macomb County4/13/2018
Visitor Nondisclosure Agreement2/18/2016

Portal of Service Committee

 TitleModified Date