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Inspirational text messages have a great deal of benefits; especially when you get them regularly. But sometimes it can work against you when the friendly" part takes a back seat to the competition" part. I love it, I had to save it to my computer for Daily use and saher it with my work companions!! I will definitely tweet about this because I know all of the teachers that follow me will love it!

Beyoncé is just one of the more ubiquitous examples of inspirational female power, so it's easy to want to cling to her lyrics and quotes on a regular basis—but there are countless women who continue to inspire, elevate, and empower the female gender.

From advice - whether Karl Lagerfeld 's thoughts on LBDs and Read Full Report sweatpants, or Bill Blass ' fail-safe hue - to inspiration (see Donna Karan's mantra), here we present our favourite fashion quotes to live by. You don't have to be an sportsperson to apply this inspirational quote from Jackie Joyner-Kersee in your own situation.

They're more likely to provide the benefits of male upbringing while ensuring the nurturing nature of women through genetic similarity. That would be much preferred over current policies that work to pry children from their families and disincentivize families from staying together.

We can often find ourselves getting wrapped up in quantity instead of quality, both in terms of our life and our work. It's easy to equate success with luck, but that is often not the case, and those that are seemingly lucky have put in the hard work to get that way.

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